The Careers in Disability project is coming to an end on 30 June 2019. While this website and its resources will remain online past the project end date, the content within will no longer be maintained.


Be part of something better

The Careers in Disability website is a place to get connected to Vacancies and Career Information – a Career in Disability means you will be part of something better.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) created opportunities for many more People with Disabilities to get access to support. Up to 30 000 new full time and part time workers are needed in Queensland, this means 1 in 5 new jobs in Queensland will be for Careers in Disability. (Productivity Commission 2017)

There has been a change – a new way of providing supports to People with Disabilities, a way that means workers have more positive and rewarding contributions to make. A Career in Disability has many opportunities for you to be part of something better.

What will you do in your career? You will do many things that will support people with disabilities in having access to all the areas of ordinary life. This can include information and referral services, support to access community services and activities, support for individualised plans and early intervention support.

Who are these Careers for? The Careers in Disability opportunities are as diverse as the people who use NDIS and opportunities are everywhere.  A Career in Disability spans everyday support, job support, management and administration, specialist supports and a few other roles that might not yet have a clear name. The opportunities are in every corner of Queensland and in every community. These Careers have Full-Time, Part-Time and Casual opportunities.

Who will you work for? The majority will work for traditional employers, some will be employed directly by the people they support, and others will become registered providers and employ themselves.