Administration &
Management Jobs

Office administration | Human resources | Training | Relationship management | Marketing and communications | Rostering | Service management | Business development | Quality assurance | Information technology | Finance | Senior business management | Customer service | Data processing

Administration and Management jobs support and lead disability organisations to deliver services and operate efficiently and effectively. Roles vary from entry level administration, to senior and executive management. You may work in a small organisation and team or a statewide organisation offering services in multiple locations.

Depending on the size and nature of the organisation, Administration and Management jobs can include:

  • Human resources – recruitment, training, rostering and staff management
  • Marketing & communication – management, events, writing, social media, digital marketing
  • Finance – payroll, billing, accounts, budget and purchasing
  • Customer service – reception, business development, customer liaison, communication
  • Service delivery – service management, business management, quality assurance

There are jobs to match your skills and experience. You can expect to work in a team environment with people committed to improving the lives of people with disability.

Is an Administration or Management job for you?

You can be at any stage in your life or career, or have a background in other industries, and be successful in administration or management roles in the disability industry. You may be:

  • A school leaver or graduate looking for your career start
  • A mature age person with a variety of different experiences
  • A parent returning to work after a career break
  • An experienced manager or CEO looking for a career change to a role that matches your skills and interests

Rewards and benefits of Administration and Management jobs

Working in Administration and Management with disability services organisations provides a rewarding career in an industry that admin-jobmakes a real difference in people’s lives. The disability industry offers workers a number of benefits comparable to other industries such as salary packaging and other benefits.

The disability and community services industry is one of Queensland’s largest employers and with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), there will continue to be a high demand for workers into the future.

New possibilities

Under the NDIS, the number of Queenslanders receiving disability supports is expected to grow to more than 90,000 by July 2019. This means existing business will expand their services and operations and new businesses will start-up to meet this demand. Organisations may be transforming or starting their operations in a number of ways and may need assistance with marketing, new IT and client management systems, business analysis, market research and service evaluation.

How to get Administration and Management Jobs

There are no essential requirements for working in administration or management roles in the disability industry, rather management-jobsopportunities are based on your existing knowledge, skills and experience.  Qualifications in areas such as community services, business management, marketing and communication or practical experience in these areas may help you to find a role but are not essential.

If you are interested in training, some subsidised courses are available, which means you can undertake training at low cost or no cost, depending on your circumstances. Find out more about Career Support in the disability industry.