The Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) Youth Employment Program (YEP) is an employment support program for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are finishing high school and looking for work or considering further education.

DATSIP recently shared Jake Gittoes story about when he moved from Ipswich to Cairns.

Jake Gittoes hoped for a new beginning when he moved from Ipswich to Cairns to reconnect with his dad. But soon after moving to Far North Queensland, his dad was hospitalised.

Jake was part of DATSIP’s Youth Employment Program during school and when his client file was transferred to the DATSIP Far North Queensland office, staff were at the ready to help him settle into his new town.

A local youth service explored accommodation options while DATSIP staff supported Jake to pursue his career aspiration of becoming a chef through a local business, Café Centre Stage.

“Youth Link helped me get my own place and DATSIP helped me get this job. I am looking after dad’s house, my own house, doing this job and looking forward to study,” Jake said.

“I am a proud young Aboriginal vision-impaired person, who, along with other disabilities has not let it stop me from doing this job. I might just take a bit longer to do the job, but I can do it!”

“I help many people and always remind myself to help myself too,” he said.

Employer Rakesh Joshi describes Josh as punctual, enthusiastic and positive – always with a smile.

Rakesh and Jake have been working together ahead of an exciting next chapter as Jake gets ready to balance both work and study when he starts his chef’s apprenticeship through TAFE. Jake is proof that having a disability is no barrier to achieving your dream job!

For more information on the Youth Employment Program visit: Youth Employment Program.